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Granite & Ether: A Chronicle of New Hampshire Broadcasting

If you're interested in the history of early radio and television, you'd enjoy reading Ed Brouder's 112-page book, "Granite and Ether: A Chronicle of New Hampshire Broadcasting." Published in 1993, it documents every station in the state's history and is rich with photographs and stories.

It is available for $13.00, including postage. Send check or money order (in American dollars) to:

N.H. Association of Broadcasters
P.O. Box 5788
Manchester, NH 03108


THE WRKO 25th Anniversary Retrospective

Another Man From Mars Exclusive

On May 30, 1992 a unique collection of radio and record industry veterans made the pilgrimage to Boston to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of one of America's classic radio stations. This 45 minute special outlines WRKO's history...includes some of the reunion banquet speeches...and features airchecks of dozens of WRKO's alumni like: J.J. JEFFREY...JOHNNY DARK...DALE DORMAN... MIKE ADDAMS...CHUCK KNAPP...HARRY NELSON...AL GATES...CHIP HOBART... JON POWERS ...TONY MANN...JOHN RODE...SCOTTY BRINK...JOEL CASH... JACK O'BRIEN...BOBBY MITCHELL...TOM KENNEDY...SHADOE STEVENS ...CHARLIE VAN DYKE...AND MORE!

To order this exciting WRKO Retrospective send a check or money order for $10.00 to Man From Mars Productions.

WRKO 25th Anniversary Retrospective

Major Market Airchecks

From 1985-86, Major Market Airchecks produced four high-quality competitive profiles of contemporary radio in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. These airchecks, most in stereo, bring you some of the industry's hottest air talents:
New York '85 Imus - WNBC
Jim Kerr - WPLJ
Steve Roy - WLTW
Rufus - WAPP
Soupy Sales - WNBC
The Shadow - WHTZ
Valerie Smaldone - WLTW
Pat St. John - WPLJ
Los Angeles '85 Jack Armstrong - KKHR
Mike Carruthers - KHTZ
Rick Dees - KIIS
Machine Gun Kelly - KOST
Robert W. Morgan - KMGG
Brian Simmons - KOST
Charlie Tuna - KHTZ
Lou Simon - KKHR
Chicago '86 Paul Barsky - WYTZ
Bob Bateman - WFYR
Joe Bohannon - WBBM FM
Jeff & Jer - WFYR
Larry Lujack - WLS
Brant Miller - WYTZ
Robert Murphy - WKQX
Fred Winston - WLS
Boston '86 Addams & Doyle - WHDH
Loren & Wally - WVBF
Jess Cain - WHDH
Dale Dorman - WXKS
Joe & Andy - WROR
Matt Siegel - WXKS
Sean Casey - WROR
Dennis John Cahill - WVBF
We are no longer accepting order for Major Market Airchecks.

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