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WTIC Hartford's 40th Anniversary special 2/10/65
Jim Dunlap-WQAM Miami 5/69
Chris Edwards-KYA San Francisco3/5/69
WNEW A/F New York highlights - 1968
Dick Downes - WGIG A/F Brunswick 8/6/71
Frank Holler-WDRC FM Hartford 10/28/87
Frank Kingstin Smith-WIBG Philadelphia 6/71
WABC A/F New York highlights - 11/30/63
Hudson & Harrigan-KILT Houston 1/69
Bill Love-WHK Cleveland 3/73
Chip Hobart-WDAI Chicago 5/77
Dick Heatherton-WPOP Hartford 3/12/69
Robert W. Morgan-KHJ Los Angeles 12/8/67
Tom Tyler-wfil pHILADELPHIA 6/12/71

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