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How to Order

Airchecks will be dubbed to compact disc for $21.80 per 80 minutes of audio, including postage. We no longer dub to cassette. When ordering, please refer to SUBJECT, CONTENTS, STATION, DATE, LENGTH, and SOURCE (see sample below). The SCOPED field (Y for yes/N for no) indicates whether an aircheck is edited (i.e., music and commercials removed leaving just the DJ and station jingles), or unedited (an exact recording of what aired).

Click here for a blank order form. Click here for a sample order.

Orders take 2-3 weeks to process and mail.
Man From Mars Productions makes no claim of ownership of the creative content of these airchecks. Materials provided are for reference and research purposes only and may not be licensed for broadcast. Man From Mars Productions claims no rights, nor can we provide information on any known copyright holders. All material is provided as is and Man From Mars Productions assumes no liability for its usage. Fees charged are for studio time, tape stock, office supplies and postage only.
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