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Since radio's earliest days, people have had an irresistible urge to scan the dial for faraway stations. Such long distance, or "DX" listening, brought interesting programs from distant cities into every living room. Stations were just as interested to know how far their signals carried as listeners were to hear them. In the 1920's, pioneer broadcasters acknowledged written DX reports with each radio station's unique reception stamp (below). Later, stations responded by mailing formal acknowledgments called "QSL cards."

WNAC stamp KFI  stamp WDRC stamp WTIC stamp WMAF stamp

CBE Windsor, ONT (front) (back)
WHO Des Moines, IA
CBF Montreal, QUE (front) (back)
WHYN Springfield, MA
CBL Toronto, ONT (front) (back)
WINS New York, NY (front) (back)
CBM Montreal, QUE (front) (back)
WIOD Miami, FL (front) (back)
WJJD Chicago, IL
WJR Detroit, MI
CJAD Montreal, QUE (front) (back)
WKBW Buffalo, NY
WKLX Portsmouth, VA
WLS Chicago, IL - December, 1969 (front) (back) | September, 1971 (front) (back)
WLW Cincinnati, OH
WMAF South Dartmouth, MA: stamp | 1923 certificate
KFI Los Angeles, CA (front) (back)
WMAQ Chicago, IL
KMOX St. Louis, MO (front) (back)
WOAI San Antonio, TX
KYW Philadelphia, PA (front) (back)
WOR New York, NY
WOWO Fort Wayne, IN
WPOP Hartford, CT (December, 1970)
WPOP Hartford, CT (70's/80's) (front) (back)
WBT Charlotte, NC (front) (back)
WPRO Providence, RI
WPTR Albany, NY
WQAE Springfield, VT
WCBS New York, NY (front) (back)
WRCP Philadelphia, PA
WRKO Boston, MA
WROR Boston, MA
WRVA Richmond, VA (front) (back)
WSB Atlanta, GA
WSM Nashville, TN (front) (back)
WTOP Washington, DC (front) (back)
WWL New Orleans, LA
WWVA Wheeling, WV
WGY Schenectady, NY (front) (back)
WHDH Boston, MA  
WHEB Portsmouth, NH 12/3/52 and 1/24/61

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