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The February 9, 1959 issue of LIFE magazine published a photo feature on WMGM New York deejay Peter Tripp. He had just completed a 201 hour marathon on behalf of the March of Dimes. At right, he is joined by his wife 199 hours and 50 minutes into the epic effort.

Tripp was attended throughout by medical professionals, who cautioned others DJs not to try such stunts because of the dangers. Tripp experienced hallucinations and symptoms of mental illness as the marathon wore on, picking imaginary bugs from his clothing and looking for cash in an empty drawer.

Peter Tripp
Peter Tripp and nurse Jane Nicolls
At left, nurse Jane Nicholls takes Tripp on a walk to stay awake. Below, the intrepid announcer 67 hours into his sleepless nightmare.
Peter Tripp at WMGM New York (

Below, Mrs. Tripp and doctors put Peter to bed, attaching electrodes to him to monitor his sleep. After 13 hours he awoke and requested the morning papers!

Attendants put Peter Tripp to bed

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