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Here's a collection of odds and ends in the Man From Mars Museum!
ad for The Prairie Farmer Station - August 10, 1953 WHYN Reunion link to WPOP Tribute site link to WFEA History pages WNEW ad - April 9, 1972
Peter Tripp photo essay where was Howard Stern on January 2, 1978? Tommy Saunders - KYA San Francisco Charlie Van Dyke-KFRC Johnny Holliday's new book
Norm Nathan-WHDH Boston Earle Pudney at WGY in 1953 KBTL bumper sticker Alan Freed - WABC New York Alan Freed-WJW Cleveland WIND logo
Beatles Joey Reynolds-WKBW (early 1960s) WABC Rewound Announco-mote Speidel ad Sam Holman at WPOP
Dick Holliday at WFEA Marsh Carter at KFXM WKBR Reunion logo WQAM Tiger
WFIL lady
Dick McDonough and lady friend
Love logo Bob Steele at WTIC Charlie Greer Jim Nettleton at WFIL Ernie Kovacs/WABC WCBS FM doll
Dick Provost at WEEI FM WMCA Good Guys WAVZ microphone Finch fax ad WPOP Good Guys Sally Jessy article
Murray The K WTAT remote truck WIOD ad - August 10, 1953 early radio ad WPLJ ad February 14, 1971 WBZ Cowboys
WABC year-end survey link Radio Mega-Mergers chart Kris Stevens-WLS Wolfman Jack ad WKBW All Time Top 100
WMUR Reunion - February 13, 1978 WHDH QSL card WKSS promotional record Jack Lazare at WEEI 1938 NBC Chimes ad WIL St. Louis
Ron Riley's Batman Club Tribute to Bob Hope Marconi Wireless Station on Cape Cod RCA 77C microphone
    Murray the K's submarine watching club      

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